Monday, January 20, 2020

A Détacher by Mona Kowalska

A Détacher is a fashion brand designed by Mona Kowalska.

According to an article that I found by Assembly New York, "Having spent the early part of her career designing for various small labels in Italy, it is of no surprise that these pieces exude an air of European luxury and sophistication. After her stints in Italy and having briefly run the Paris design studio of Sonia Rykiel, designer Mona Kowalska was bound for New York and the process of designing clothes under her own name commenced. Likening herself to more of a curator than a designer, Kowalska has run a successful label since 1998 with little press or media attention. Possessing a refreshing attitude towards her line and the industry as a whole, she is unapologetic in her loyalty to her aesthetic while amassing a quiet cult clientele."

What are your thoughts about the A Détacher brand?

What is your opinion of Mona Kowalska?

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