Monday, June 16, 2014

Jewelry Destockage Avant Demenagement

The 18 to 20 June destocking collections Eliane DS.

Jeweler and designer jewelry, Eliane DS, moved his Paris studio for the region of Aix en Provence. An opportunity for her to make a great stocking and for you to dive into her creations and make great business.

destocking collections Eliane DS

His designs for women and men, are composed primarily of unique pieces. Eliane DS works a variety of precious stones or character. She likes to find unique and totally natural crystallization proposed by the nature of Venus hair, rutile needles, arrows of love ... Her jewels reveal the sensitivity and personality of the woman or man who wears them. His designs have a motto: give each stone, each pearl, an exceptional dimension. Eliane DS, the singularity is a form of luxury, a luxury that can be found both in his creations in his creations Jewellery Couture pieces, while remaining accessible to all.
Appointments:ELIANE DS - 10, rue Croix des Petits Champs - Paris 1Thursday 19 and Friday, June 20 from 11h to 19hWednesday 18, Eliane DS receives appointment, an opportunity to talk with her and tell him your plans together to create a unique piece.

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