Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fashion Industry Trade Show Event Guide

A trade show (also referenced as a trade fair or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in the clothing industry or textile industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products or services.  Visitors to such events can also utilize the opportunity to examine recent market trends and opportunities as well as evaluate products on display by their competition.  It is important to members of the fashion industry to stay in tune with what is happening in the market.  One way to view or sell next seasons clothing would be to attend a fashion trade show event.

The Apparel Search directory provides assistance to members of the industry that wish to learn about or locate a particular event.  Below you will find access to a few of the company’s resources.

The Fashion Trade Show by Category section of the directory is for browsing available events by the fashion trade shows category description For example, you will find sections for Men's Clothing Trade Shows, Women's Clothing Trade Shows, Children's Apparel Trade Shows, Textiles & Fabric Exhibitions, Textile Machinery Shows, etc.  After you go to the proper category, you can easily find the company listings alphabetically.  If you do not remember the exhibitions exact title, you can still search the directory and visit the web site for the various trade show events.

In addition to a directory by event name, the site also provides a Fashion Trade Show by Name section for browsing available events by the trade shows name.  If you already know the clothing trade shows name, you can easily find the listing alphabetically.  If you do not remember the exhibitions exact title, you can still search the directory and visit the web site for the various trade show events.

Fashion trade shows are an integral part of the Apparel, Fashion & Textile industries.  The clothing industry has many international fashion runway shows and apparel industry trade shows each year.  The Apparel Search Trade Show Directory will assist you with learning about the available trade events and trade show organizers that specialize in clothing, textiles and fashion exhibitions. Apparel Search provides easy access to the important events from around the world.  You can also view the Fashion Week directory to learn about the available fashion week events around the globe.

If you are planning to display your company’s product at a particular event, you may also want to learn about the trade show service companies that can help you with booths, tables, displays, etc.

When looking for specific dates you may want to try the events calendar at the Fashion Industry Network website or visit the fashion industry calendar site.

If you would like to discuss a specific event, you can try the fashion industry community on Google+ and leave comments in the events section.  Also, you are welcome to comment below this post with questions or comments.

The Apparel Search Company is in the process of updating the fashion industry trade show event guide on the website.  If you work for an exhibition company, manage events, or simply wish to help, your assistance would be appreciated.  Trade show companies are invited to review their current listings and provide updates.

Thank you for reading our fashion blog. If you have enjoyed this post or have questions about the article, please post your comments or questions in the comment area below.

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