Saturday, September 21, 2013

Austin Scarlett Catwalk in Bed

Renowned American fashion designer and “Project Runway” superstar Austin Scarlett turns his bed into a catwalk in this week’s installment of the new video series #ShareTheMattress.  Directed by acclaimed choreographer Larry Keigwin, #ShareTheMattress features well-known creative artists dancing and playing on their beds in tribute to the 10th anniversary of KEIGWIN + COMPANY dance troupe and its first smash hit, 2003’s “Mattress Suite.”

In the video, Scarlett wears black and white polka-dot pajamas, and “makes it work” with his blanket and sheets as a canvas on which he slides, slinks, twirls and poses like a supermodel.  He even wields a robe like a toreador.  Scarlett’s is the second of 10 #ShareTheMattress videos that will roll out through October.  Viewers are encouraged to make and share their own videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube with the hashtag #ShareTheMattress.  All the videos are available on KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s website.

Keigwin created “Mattress Suite” after watching dancer Nicole Wolcott jump around playfully on her bed.  The pair dragged the mattress onto the floor, developed choreography inspired by Wolcott’s moves and created a narrative that became a full-fledged work set to popular songs and classical music.  The piece was a hit with critics and audiences. KEIGWIN + COMPANY’s 10th Anniversary season runs October 29-November 3, 2013 at New York City’s Joyce Theater.  “Mattress Suite” will be featured during the run.  Tickets are available now. 

The next video premieres September 24 with rising indie music star Tobey Lightman.

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