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Major L.A. Gift Market to be held at CMC January 21-27, 2014

The California Market Center (CMC), the West Coast’s epicenter of fashion/gift/home and design has chosen the dates of Tuesday, January 21 to Monday, January 27, 2014 to hold its major Winter 2014 Gift & Home Market, it was announced by Gerry Seibel, Vice President of New Business Development for CMC.

“Originally the dates for the winter 2014 show were set for mid-January 2014, at all three locations
which make up the L.A. Gift Market. However, these dates were recently changed to the very last
week of January and into February 2014, putting the L.A. Gift Market right on top of the three other
major shows—NY NOW, Las Vegas, and the Frankfort Fair. These later dates would interfere with
retailers, manufacturers, and sales representatives’ ability to attend other shows critical to their
businesses,” states Seibel. “While the CMC is committed to its policy of cooperation with the L.A.
Mart and the California Gift Show, our partners in a unified west coast market, CMC’s tenants and its
major manufacturers were greatly alarmed about a date change which would put the California Show
so late in the market season. So, after extensive discussions with leading retailers and our tenants,
the Gift & Home showrooms at CMC have been forced to change our dates so as not to be in conflict
with any other major show and so that we may offer our valued retailers a productive, profitable, and
comprehensive buying experience!”

Mickey Lang, president of the nationally known sales organization California Marketing Associates
(CMA), is in total agreement with CMC’s decision on the show date change. “CMA represents over
130 leading home/gift/fashion/seasonal lines in our 40,000 sq. ft. home in CMC. Having the
California Show held so late in January would have a very negative effect on our business, and would
have made it impossible for us to cover other shows that our manufacturers need us to attend in this
crowded show season,” comments Lang. “I applaud CMC management for making the courageous
decision to set its winter 2014 dates to accommodate the needs of its customers!”

Echoes Dale Zizi, who heads the sales group which represents such leading Christmas/seasonal
manufacturers as Melrose International, Katherine’s Collection, Bethany Lowe Designs, Lynn Haney
Collection, T.J.’s Christmas, and Vickerman Trees & Lights: “If the CMC , the L.A. Mart and the
California Gift Show’s market’s dates all had been set to begin at the very end of January 2014, it
would have created an impossible problem for our manufacturers; they would not have been able to
attend the west coast’s show at these late dates, due to their commitments to other shows around the
country and in Europe. January is when we debut our Christmas, Halloween, and Fall product and is
an extremely important time for our buyers, manufacturers, and company principals to review what is
up and coming for the new year. That is why CMC’s plan to hold its winter 2014 Home & Gift Market
earlier in January is so vital to all of our companies.”

In addition to holding its own CMC Gift & Home Show January 21-27, 2014, for the convenience of
buyers, the Gift & Home showrooms at the California Market Center will also be open every day of
the California Gift Show, January 31 – February 3, 2014. During its January 21-27, 2014 Gift & Home
Show, CMC will offer its attendees many buyer’s perks including free parking, free breakfasts, and
complimentary shuttle services, and numerous promotions. All of CMC’s Gift, Home and Design
Center showrooms will also be open January 14-20 during the 2014 LA Fashion Week, a major
market for apparel, fashion accessories, jewelry, and children’s products. “Having all of our Gift &
Home showrooms open and available at the same time as L.A. Fashion Week has proven to be very
successful in allowing cross-over buying opportunities for both gift and fashion retailers,” says Seibel.
For additional information on its upcoming market schedule and show amenities, please contact the
California Market Center (CMC), 110 East 9th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90079, 213.630.1701
Website: www.californiamarketcenter.com.

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