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Men’s Spring Trends for 2013

Men’s Spring Trends for 2013

If meggings are so not your thing, don’t worry about following that trend this spring season. Fashion designers took the tight leg look a little too far with meggings, jeggings and leggings, but they have recently moved toward the relaxed style. No, this doesn’t mean you can get away with wearing baggy jeans and an oversized shirt, but it does indicate that you can add a few stylish pieces to update your wardrobe. Start with your shoes and work your way up to the best hats of the season. These ideas will make your look effortless but totally trendy in 2013.

For Your Feet

When spring is still a bit slushy and cold, throw on a pair of rugged Stetson boots. The Dart in Cafe boots in a dark leather finish and square toe are perfect paired with dark jeans for a night out.
When dressing for casual Friday, pick a pair of classic Vans from your shoe tree. From chinos to vintage jeans, this type of shoe will work with practically everything in your wardrobe. Try the bright rose pink or green flash if you are daring, but if you tend to lean to the conservative side of the spectrum, try the true white, which goes with practically everything.      

For a more casual appearance, take a journey back to the 1980s. Air Jordans are making a huge comeback thanks to its retro look of clean lines and bold graphic design elements. Celebrate Michael’s big 5-0 by rocking a pair of these hipster kicks.

Your Bottom Half

Since manorexia isn’t your thing, try jeans with a straight leg. And don’t get stuck with five identical pairs of blue jeans in your closet. Branch out this season with a trendy gray or white pair. It will expand your wardrobe and highlight this spring’s bright colors.

Even though Justin Bieber keeps showing up in the media with harem pants, you don’t need to wear the billowing and bunching fabric to fit in. Stick with classic flat-front chinos when going to work. You won’t get nearly the amount of stares as you would donning the MC Hammer-style. Although chinos typically come in a tan or khaki color, be daring and try them in a variety of colors, such as salmon or beetroot purple. As an added fashion bonus, try rolling the cuffs of the pants for a vintage feel.

T-Shirt Time

According to research, the average man owns 27 T-shirts. Although no one is certain where this particular number came from, you will definitely wear each shirt this season. Solid colors are the perfect foundation for layering under a buttoned shirt or jacket on colder days. The hot hues are based off of spices – think turmeric, nutmeg and cayenne. Logo shirts are still in; just steer clear of juvenile humor. Wearing a shirt that reads “DTF” or “Nude Beach Lifeguard” won’t fly. Instead, go classic by wearing a vintage shirt promoting your favorite band or sports team.  

For polo shirts, keep your style from looking elementary by ditching the solids. Try out stripes and plaids, or if you want to really stand out, wear florals or geometric prints. As for the size, don’t go for the schoolboy fit. Instead, try the slim fit. This makes it easy to layer, which keeps you prepared for the varied temperatures the season brings.

Denim shirts are a great way to casually layer this spring. Try a jazzed up version of this staple with turquoise snaps and pockets. Just be sure to not rock the “Canadian Tuxedo” by pairing the shirt with denim jeans. 

Accessorize Yourself

If you haven’t tried any accessories other than a watch, then you aren’t paying attention to the final product. A newsboy cap or cadet hat could do just the trick to tie your outfit together. And don’t forget about keeping those jeans from sagging. A distressed black leather belt with a hand-tooled overlay will keep your pants from making the wrong impression. A final touch would be to add a lightweight linen or cashmere scarf with a digital print or hand-drawn artwork. It will give you that manly flair that will keep heads turning all day long.

Written for the Blog About Fashion by David Soto on behalf of Stetson.

Learn more about Stetson at the Apparel Search website.  More importantly, you should visit the Stetson website.

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