Monday, February 4, 2013

SoffiaB Robes for Valentines Day 2013

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching are you dreading the usual round of mass produced chocolates, questionable lingerie and unwanted jewelry?  You don’t have to. You can look to SoffiaB –' a little luxury in the bedroom' to allay those fears and drop a not-so-subtle hint to their loved ones.

Here are a few comments from our friends at SoffiaB.

"My name is Sophie Burkart, owner and designer of SoffiaB. Fed up with the lack of stylish, vibrant and comfortable robe options after having searched for a number of years both in the UK and US, I decided to design my own and SoffiaB was born. I went from a career in IT Program Management to Fine Robes & Dressing Gowns and delight in offering customers dressing gowns that are a sensual, physical experience that gently wraps the wearer in refined beauty.

Each robe is 'made in the USA' within New York’s Garment District where it is given the attention to detail expected from a luxury item - two sash ties, French seams, soft flannel lined pockets, hand finished hems, etc. Each gown is made of 100% printed silk charmeuse in a signature bold pattern and accented velvet cuffs and collars give them a contemporary look and feel. Yet the pièce de résistance is each gown is fully lined with ultra soft, double napped flannel – your readers can have it all, they can combine style and comfort, they can look gorgeous AND feel fabulous!"

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