Saturday, February 9, 2013

OF WHONDER New York Fashion Week 2013

OF WHONDER is the first contemporary luxury brand exclusively for the majority of women. We’re creating bold, innovative fashion for women sizes 12-24 and giving them access to high-end style we all deserve. Expect unprecedented design, effortless fit, and a lavish look and feel.

This groundbreaking label is pioneering a new standard in luxury ready-to-wear. Each artisan-quality collection is designed based on the principles of directional tailoring, premium fabrication, and thoughtful details.

OF WHONDER's highly anticipated debut line, designed and manufactured in New York City , is a 13-piece capsule collection featuring geometric shapes, asymmetry, and a unique fusion of fine leathers and novelty knits. The line's modern take on refined classics makes each item a quintessential piece of any wardrobe.

"We're inspired by texture. We're inspired by lines. We're inspired by shapes. But, most of all, we're inspired by women who demand more from their clothing than simply to be covered up."

This is OF WHONDER. And this is just the beginning.

They will be presented at New York Fashion Week February 13, 2013

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