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Flame Resistant Fabrics - FR Fabric

Flame resistance is the characteristic of a fabric that causes it to self-extinguish when the source of ignition is removed. Fabrics that self-extinguish after the source of ignition is removed can dramatically reduce body burn percentage and increase the chance for survival.

This particular blog post is intended primarily for the fashion industry.  However, consumers are welcome to review the post as well.  Clearly, flame retardant fabric is an important issue in regard to children's sleepwear.  Therefore, we thought it was important to provide a post that contains various information about the subject.

We list companies that state their fabric is Flame Resistant. However, YOU must do you own research and testing. We are only posting information found on these companies websites, in articles, or they have provided to us. It is important that you do your own review and testing.

Flame Resistant Fabric Manufacturers AK Industrial Fabrics : Flame Retardant Fabric, which is manufactured using high quality raw materials. Our Flame Retardant Fabric is widely appreciated in both the national and international markets. This fabric specially fabricated for making uniforms worn by people who have to work in hazardous conditions. Based on the supreme quality of our Flame Retardant Fabric, we are at the top position in the market. : In a short span of time, Arvind has established itself as the largest Fire Protection Fabric Producer in India. Arvind's range of Fire Resistant Fabrics consists of Meta-Aramids, Modacrylics, FR Viscose and blends. Arvind has been licenced to manufacture and market the PROBAN brand of Flame Retardant Fabrics and Industrial Clothing in select 16 countries in Asia Pacific including India. Arvind has activated Jacquard weaving facility to manufacture FR Curtains and FR Upholstery for Mass Transport Industry such as Indian Railways and Civil Aviation. Bidhata : Today, flame retardant clothing is finding importance across all industrial, commercial workspaces, especially workers working in direct contact with sparks, flame, fire etc. These could be uniforms for fire fighting agents or workers of foundries, welding places, automotive, engineering industries, etc. They provide chemically treated and / or inherently flame retardant polyester fabrics. These fabrics are specially treated to make them hydrophilic, hence, ensuring the coolness, absorbency and breathability of cotton/viscose and at the same time ensuring limited propagation of flame due to properties of polyester.

Bradmill Outdoor Fabrics of Victoria, Australia, developed FireFoil awning fabric for the North American market, a plain weave blend of 52 percent polyester and 48 percent FR cotton, to which Bradmill applies an FR finish. arrington's Flamegard range incorporates all our Flame retardant fabrics. This range of FR fabrics, covering a variety of constructions, blends and weights, is recognised as the market leader in the garment rental industry where its cost effectiveness has been proven beyond doubt. All our FR fabrics are treated with PROBAN® and Carrington is the largest supplier of PROBAN® treated fabrics in Europe. PROBAN® is a registered trademark of RHODIA Operations Rajvir Industries Limited With a humble beginning of a mere 6000 spindles in 1962 to a 120,000-spindle facility now, Rajvir Industries Limited has nurtured a single minded devotion at work: To exceed the customers expectation in terms of quality, choice of products and service. This has been achieved through sophisticated manufacturing methods, a team of involved and dedicated personnel, well-coordinated operations and ruthless quality checks. The results: today it is hailed as one of the trend-setting cotton spinning firms in India that has left indelible impressions on the consumers mind across the world. With over a three and half million pounds of yarn manufactured every month, it’s a collective passion to produce nothing but the best in the world and deliver the same in no less than a record time. Small wonder that today Rajvir Industries has a huge library of over 6000 Mélange/Heather shades and a range that encompasses everything from 100% Cotton/Organic/Fair-trade,Combed yarns, Blended yarns (Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Spun Silk and Flame Retardant ) Mélange/ Heather yarns, Modal Yarns, Synthetic yarns and Cheese Dyed yarns.

Duro Textiles LLC of Fall River, Mass., which offers a range of FR fabrics and solutions that have been customized for military and commercial applications.

Darlington Fabrics of Westerly, R.I., recently introduced a heavyweight stretch warp knit (90 percent cotton, 10 percent spandex) textile to meet the FR needs of the flag, banner and display industries. The manufacturer applies a post-treatment finish to make them fire retardant and is working on the next generation of the product, where phosphorous is added to the yarn at spinning to give it the FR quality. Milliken FR : Innovative high tech fabrics that touch and protect people in challenging environments. Amplitude Amplitude™, a patent-pending line of premium, high performance flame-resistant (FR) fabrics for industrial workwear. The combination of these capabilities makes it an ideal fabric for industrial workwear occupations in manufacturing, utilities, electrical maintenance, petrochemical, welding, and steel. CXP is a patented, flame-resistant fabric made of DuPont NOMEX® IIIA. Our fabric is more comfortable and lasts longer than other FR fabrics, and with the flame resistance built in, CXP is the best choice for protective industrial uniforms and for fire service. Nomex® CXP® is a patented, inherently flame-resistant fabric innovation that helps protect against both fire and electric arc flash hazards. This dual-hazard solution combines proprietary technology engineered by Milliken to enhance arc protection for DuPont Nomex®—which is recognized as a leading flame-resistant (FR) fabric for fire protection in oil and gas, military, emergency response and automobile racing applications. Serving all branches of the United States military with protective fabrics, combat gear and technical materials, Milliken is dedicated to one mission: providing the men and women who proudly serve this nation with the best equipment in the world. Mount Vernon : More than 3,000 computer-monitored control points and extensive quality assurance testing ensure that Mount Vernon FR fabrics are produced with the highest level of reliability, quality, durability, color consistency and shrinkage control. Mount Vernon FR has the capability of running more than 700 looms for weaving. National Nonwovens manufactures a variety of materials with amazing fire blocking and retardant capabilities. Products

Resistflame Finishing Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio, specializes in the manufacture and application of FR coatings and takes a holistic approach to its finishing services. One of its products, Advantage FR, was designed to work on fabrics that typically have been difficult to coat, such as polyolefins, nylon and acrylic. SSM Industries Inc. manufactures flame resistant, cut resistant, and thermal fabrics. Founded in 1982 by Bill Hilleary, the first SSM product was a Nomex® simplex knit for military flight gloves. This fabric is still produced today, protecting our pilots and tank crews at home and abroad. Located in Spring City, Tennessee, SSM Industries is a full service safety and protective fabric manufacturer. SSM Knitting, Weaving, Dyeing, and Finishing services all take place under one roof. R&D to cultivate a customer's concept and an In-House Military Certified Lab to test the finished fabrics compliment SSM's vast capabilities. Westex : Since the protection offered by flame resistant clothing relies primarily on fabric performance, the fabric brand you choose matters. Westex, a world leader in flame resistant fabrics, has earned the industry’s trust with a no compromise approach to our procedures and products. We’ve developed a complex engineering process that enables us to manufacture fabric that provides a flame resistance guarantee for the life of the garment. In line with our resolve to keep raising the bar on protection, Westex brand fabrics endure the harshest test conditions in the industry to ensure that they not only meet, but exceed standards. When you combine this level of protection with our advanced fabric softening processes and double-shrunk technology, it’s easy to understand why Westex fabrics are recognized globally as the perfect blend of protection, comfort and value. As a leader in product innovation, we feel obligated to raise safety standards by educating the industry about the performance and capabilities of flame resistant fabrics. Xinke Special Textile Co., Ltd, which is specialize in producing FR Fabrics. The company has their own factory and a whole set of testing machine. All FR fabrics produced by their factory are soft, nontoxic and low formaldehyde. The FR fabrics can widely used in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, forestry, environment, protection, hotel, etc. Fire resistant fabric produced by their company is finished by special technique. This fire resistant fabric can not only prevent flame from spreading, but also keep its original performance. Fire resistant fabric is durable against normal washing, stand 50 times washing, non-poisonous, safe to human body, softy and comfortable to wear. It applies to metallurgy, machinery, forestry, fire-fighting and other trades. It also can be used as decorative fabric.

Flame Resistant Fiber Manufactuers:

Kaneka Corporation of Japan : The FR Fibers, which are marketed under the brand name "KANECARON" are produced by Kaneka Corporation of Japan, the world's leading manufacturer of Modacrylic fiber (Modified Acrylic). Kanecaron is the brand name of a range of inherently flame - retardant modacrylic fibers. It is designed to blend perfectly with natural or manmade fibers to produce the highest quality textiles, with superb handle, drape and appearance. When blended in the weft of the fabric in the correct proportions, Kanecaron transmits its full FR qualities to the other fibers so that the entire fabric becomes flame retardant. Unlike chemical - treated fabrics, the FR qualities of Kanecaron will not wash out and are permanent.

Flame Resistant or Retardant Fabric Manufacturer Directories Trade India : the listings of manufacturers and exporters of fire retardant fabric. You can view company details & contact them directly through email, refine your search by product keywords, browse trade leads posted by fire retardant fabric manufacturers and view several other products and trade shows related to fire retardant fabric.

Flame Resistant Articles and Information 

Flame Resistant Apparel

You may also want to visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission and search for Children's Sleepwear Regulatory Summary and other topics of interest.  Below are links but may get outdated.  Make sure to search for the most current version.  

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