Monday, February 11, 2013

Blog About Grammy Award Fashion

The Blog About Fashion is today the Blog About Grammy Award Fashion.  OK, we have officially changed our name, but we do recognize the importance of the Grammys 2013 Red Carpet.

Rather than compete all day with the zillion fashion bloggers and fashion media companies reporting on the event, we will graciously take a back seat and enjoy reading blog posts from other websites.

The Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion website has a Grammy Red Carpet section.  That is our first stop.  Obviously, we will also stop by,, WWD, etc.

Here is the best dressed 2013 Grammy Awards list from E!  What do you think of their decisions?  If you wish to compare with other news agencies, here is the Grammy Awards 2013 Best Dressed Celebrities listed on the Huffington Post.

We will also browse Google+ to check out the various fashion resources (one of our favorites at

You may find the following posts to be of interest:
Grammys 2013 Red Carpet MTV - links to an MTV live blog of the red carpet.
Grammy Red Carpet Photos 2013 - AOL has a collection of photos on display.
Grammy Red Carpet Featuring Skin - links to a report from CBS about the 55th Grammy Awards.

Katy Perry Grammy Awards - short post from "fashion" about Katy Perry looking adorable at the award ceremony.
Taylor Swift Opens in Style - Taylor Swift performed magnificently as always.

Don't forget to stop by the red carpet community on G+ to check for messages through out the day.

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