Thursday, January 31, 2013

Treasure to Bestow Upon Your Loved Ones For Vday 2013

Mercedes Ganon, Founder and Creator of Parfums Mercedes, adds another smash hit to her collection with Jus D'Amour, the Essence of Love and Embodiment of Comfort. Melody and Harmony come together as one in this amazing new fragrance that will surely rock your senses and create a Valentine's Day to remember.

What makes Jus D'Amour so captivating is the beautiful precious and romantic blend of Coco Palm, Aqualeaf Accord, Night Blooming Jasmine, Violet, Tahitian Vanilla & Sandalwood. Sophisticated and serene with a warm, soft sweetness that takes the edge off a stressful day.

Thomas Hood wrote, "Oh, if it be to choose and call thee mine, love thou art every day my Valentine!" That means to honor your love every day like it were Valentines Day. What better way to share the Essence of Love with those who mean the most to you.

"Jus D'Amour will rock your senses and seduce your soul with this very clean, sensual scent that creates the mood not just the moment", explains Mercedes Ganon. "It's exciting to create something that touches so many & that inspires strength yet remains subtle and we're so proud that it's been receiving such rave reviews."

About Mercedes
As a singer, songwriter and captivating performer, her sultry voice will caress your soul. It's no surprise that she has developed an edgy sound that challenges all traditionalism. Her music is symphonic, inspirational, and visual, creating an awakening that will vibrate all of your senses. Mercedes is in the habit of creating unforgettable stage performances that will rock the spirit and sooth the soul.

About Jus D'Amour by Parfums Mercedes Jus D'Amour was featured in Life & Style Magazine and French publication, Essential Beauty amongst the best perfumes in the world and has been prominently featured at many global events including DPA and Natalie Dubois' Cannes gifting suites at the Carlton Hotel. France, Germany,Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, and Italy and most recently at the red carpet event at the Frederic Fekkai salon on Melrose Place which was co-hosted by Alan Mruvka, who also manages Mercedes &

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