Monday, December 10, 2012

Mary Margrill Spreading Holiday Love with Necklace

As an artist, sculptor, philosopher and jewelry designer, Mary Margrill says her designs are “inspired by the human need both to adorn and to communicate.” Which, in this holiday season, is exactly what one looks for in a personal gift.
A perfect example is this updated version of the classic circle pendant. Rendered in 14K yellow gold, sterling silver and grey mother of pearl, the pendant expresses the greatest gift of all: love. To top it off, Margrill places a diamond next to it.
Margrill describes her designs as being “sublimely steeped in spirituality,” mixing ancient and contemporary symbols of spirituality, religions, and inspirational messages with feminine, wearable designs.
If you happen to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, be sure to take a look at Margrill’s “One World” diamond encrusted necklace featuring symbols of the world’s most recognized religions. This ultimate example of Margrill’s spiritually-infused designs is on view in the Faith in Motion gallery through July 31, 2013.
Suggested retail: $340

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