Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Accessuri Friendly Fur Scarf

Let loose and go wild this winter with the ethically made Noche Tuscana Faux Fur Scarf from Accessuri! A departure from the standard neutral fur color palette, this icy blue scarf is wildly hot! With a portion of each purchase from donated to the DNA Foundation to help mitigate human labor trafficking on a world-wide scale, Rachana Suri, founder and CEO of Accessuri, allows the trend-savvy fashionista to stay glamourous while creating a positive social impact. Be a mindful consumer and make a fashion statement with Accessuri!

 About Accessuri:

Accessuri’s line of scarves, wraps and stoles are each handmade in the U.S. using faux furs and fabrics of wool and silk. The company’s mission is to leverage its fashion line to help mitigate human labor trafficking globally, allowing you to be a part of of positive social impact while continuing to lead a stylish, and guilt-free lifestyle. Suri has harmoniously blended faux-fur luxury fashion with an environment that supports positive social impact, where laborers are being paid a fair wage for their serives, where communities are prospering, and where the injustice of human trafficking is highlighted and every day purchases are turned into powerful tools that will ultimately change the world for the better.

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