Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vera: Bindya New York

Bringing new life to the legacy of Vera, Bindya New York will introduce the first scarf collections for Spring 2013 for both the Vera® and The Signature Collection by Vera® lines as part of a new licensing agreement. Inspired by and honoring the expansive artwork of iconic American artist Vera Neumann, Bindya New York will take pride continuing to build the brand.

"I have always been fascinated by Vera's designs and prints. The pops of bright color, bold patterns, and whimsical prints have completely drawn me in," says designer Bindya Lulla. "I am so excited to revive the timeless Vera archives and release them during a time when scarves have become a must-have accessory."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Bindya in both the Vera® and The Signature Collection by Vera® lines," says Susan Seid, President of The Vera Company. "The quality, design sensibility and commitment to the growth of the brand make Bindya the perfect match with Vera's bright, happy, and inspirational art."

About Bindya New York: Bindya New York launched in 2000 and quickly became recognized for luxurious cashmeres in standout patterns and colors. Lulla Collection was added in 2010 for the younger, more price-conscious shopper, and 2012 marks the launch of the newest line, On a Whim, which focuses on more graphic prints and whimsical designs.

About the Vera Company: Vera was a pioneer in design who successfully cross-licensed her designs into linens, scarves and sportswear. Her company began at her kitchen table in 1947 and grew into a multi-million dollar international business. All Vera products started as original pieces of art from her own hand and sported the distinctive Vera signature (often with a ladybug) trademark. After years of being dormant, the beloved Vera brand is back and is experiencing resurgence among old and new fans alike - for once you know Vera, you adore her. Worn for decades by style icons including Marilyn Monroe, Vera scarves are sought after and enjoyed by collectors around the world.
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