Friday, September 7, 2012

History of Fashion Lecture Series: FTM 2012

Every Wednesday for four weeks
from 19 September

This series of talks provide an in-depth study of fashions from 1955-76, led by author of The Chronology of Fashion NJ Stevenson. Participants will have the opportunity to examine relevant garments up-close from the Museum's Collection. More information

Whole series: £60 / £45 students
Individual lecture: £20 / £15 students

Booking Information
Spaces are limited therefore advance booking is strongly recommended.
To book your place contact the museum:
Phone: 020 7407 8664

Learn more about FTM (Fashion and Textile Museum) at their site
You can also learn about the Fashion and Textile Museum on Apparel Search.  You can also learn about fashion history.
Beat to Rock 'n' Roll 1955-59
Wednesday 19 September, 12-1.30pm
How blue jeans became the badge of youth and American music and film created the teenager.

Mad Men - Modernists into Mods
Wednesday 26 September, 12-1.30pm
Which came first in Soho? The Vespa or Vince's Man's Shop?

Fashion Psychedelia
Wednesday 3 October, 12-1.30pm
Counter-culture fashion from Op Art to the kaftan.

Glam to Punk - the 1970s
Wednesday 10 October, 12-1.30pm
Why the 70s was a dressing-up box of escapism.

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