Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Electronic Article Surveillance for Clothing and Fashion Accessories

The following is from Apparel Mag:

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) has helped apparel retailers detect and prevent theft for decades, protecting everything from designer jeans and handbags to leather jackets and intimate apparel. Merchandise Visibility via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-based solutions provides detailed insights into the location and quantity of apparel and footwear from the manufacturing source to the store in order to reduce out-of-stocks, reduce inventory costs and increase sales and margins. The time has come for the convergence of these two technologies: RFID applied as an EAS solution.

Two of the industry's leading authorities on how to leverage the full potential of RFID for the apparel industry -- Bill Hardgrave of Auburn University and Leslie Hand of IDC Retail Insights -- will provide insight into what RFID-based EAS means for retailers and apparel brand-owners, and how to benefit from its adoption.
We hope this helps you learn more about Electronic Article Surveillance for Clothing and Fashion Accessories. 
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