Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Apparel Industry Struggles : Discuss Solutions at the fashio forum discussion area on FIN

During the past few years, apparel retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers have been confronted with complex challenges.  At the same time that speed to market and overall supply chain efficiency remain as crucial concerns, the cost of doing business has dramatically increased.  If you are an apparel manufacturer, you are well aware that cotton and other fibers and materials have gone up significantly in price.  Also, the growth in once highly competitive labor markets is driving the price of production higher and higher.  So, what should an apparel business do to stay competitive?  Should we raise prices to our customers or will this force them to walk away from us an purchase product else where?  Well, if the cotton prices have risen for everyone, doesn't that mean our competitors prices also must increase. 
You can discuss these issues and others in the forum discussion area of the Fashion Industry Network.

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  1. I believe in spite of all these challenges the fashion retail is on the road to progress. This is clearly reflected by a steady increase in the fashion jobs.


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