Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Friendly Terms

What are fashion friendly terms?  Aren't all terms regarding fashion rather friendly?? Well, I guess they are...  I for one have never been insulted by a fashion term.  However, maybe I would have been insulted if I misunderstood the term "Phat".  If I did not know better, I would have been very unhappy for someone to tell me that I looked phat in my clothing... By the way, if you were not aware "Phat" is way different then "Fat".
Anyway, I thought I would write this fashion blog about some terms that may be of interest to members of the fashion industry.  I am not sure why I titled the post "fashion friendly terms".  Maybe I should have called this blog post "fashion revent terms".  Possibly that would be more appropriate.
Anyway, here are some fashion friendly or fashion relevant terms of possible interest:
Fashion Intern
Fashion History
Fashion Mags
Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Museums & Exhibits
Fashion Network
Fashion Networking
Fashion Newsletters
Fashion Police
Fashion Press Releases
Fashion Recruiters
Fashion School Review 2009
Fashion Schools
Fashion Stylist
Fashion Tags
Fashion Television
Fashion Widgets
Fashion Windows
Fast Fashion
Female Fashion
Forty Years of Fashion
Fall Fashion
Fashion Accessories
Fashion Affiliate Programs
Fashion Bug
Fashion Color Cues
Fashion Colors
Fashion Consumer
Fashion Copyrights
Fashion Discussion Groups
Fashion Disaster
Fashion Diva
Fashion Forecasting
Fashion House
Fashion Icon
Fashion Images
Fashion Industry Overview
Hope you have found these fashion terms to be of interest.  If you would like to read more fashion relevant terms, you can check the fashion terms section on Apparel Search.

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