Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Best Apparel Industry Fashion Blog Posts 2010

Here are some of the best apparel industry fashion blog posts from 2010.  Well, the truth is that this is a rather new fashion blog.  We do not really have that many fashion posts.  Therefore, I guess they are all the best for this year.  Next year, we can be more selective...

Men's Apparel
Fashion Design Schools
Women's Underwear Guide
Men's Underwear Guide
Men's Underwear Don't Be Shy
Fashion Games
Cotton Pricing 2010
Fashion Friendly Terms
Fashion News Today
Home Sewing Website : Home Sewing Patterns
Paper Patterns for Designing and Sewing Clothing
New Fashion Terms November 2010
Fashion Technology Touch Up 2010 : Apparel Search
RN Numbers : Company RN Number Look Up
Fashionable Sites
Fashion Shows
Five Fall Fashion Trends 2010
Fashion Jobs
Fashion Calendar
Fashion Industry Carbon Credits : Clothing, Textile Industry Carbon Emission Credits

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