Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fashion Industry Carbon Credits : Clothing, Textiles, Apparel Carbon Credits

How will carbon credits effect the fashion industry?
Unfortunately, at this time, I really have no idea how the selling of carbon credits will effect the fashion industry.
How does a clothing manufacturer calculate the carbon emission used by their clothing factory?
How does a clothing company buy or sell carbon credits?
Will their actually be a market for buying and selling carbon credits in the United States?
What is carbon emission?
Well, unfortunately their are many questions in my mind regarding how carbon credits will effect the fashion industry?  I wonder if anyone knows the answers.
Maybe we can all learn more about selling carbon credits from the How to Sell Carbon Credits website?

The world is taking a serious look at carbon emissions...
  ◊ Learn about Emissions Trading.
  ◊ Learn about Carbon Credit.
  ◊ Learn about Carbon Dioxide.
  ◊ Read Carbon Emission News.
Read Selling Carbon Credit Books
Maybe in the near future this website will help us learn more about fashion industry carbon credits.
If you actually do not care about carbon credits and simply want to learn more about the fashion industry, I suggest you try Apparel Search.

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